Kashmiri Trucks Participates in Community Carnival in Berlin

Berlin, September 17 (Kashmir Voice): Human rights activists from both sides of Kashmir concentrated in the annual community carnival in Berlin, the capital of Germany.
According to media sources, the multicultural parade were organized by community carnival organization coordinated by Germany based social figure Mr Samillah. At least 19 trucks participated in the carnival and one of them was specified for Kashmir which was arranged by Kashmir Free Organization Germany headed by Mr Saddique Kiyani. On the occasion, Saddique Kiyani said, the truck with Kashmiri cultural shade helped in raising voice of Kashmiris in Europe. The parade of a large number of people and various trucks moved in six hours in different areas of Berlin. The trucks had various banners with slogans against racism and brutalities and in favor of peace and harmony at the globe. Besides Kashmir, the carnival was attended by a number of other organizations and its objective is to highlight values and social rights of the people belonging to different cultures. The carnival was started some years ago but this is for the first time, Kashmir with a truck took part of this carnival. The Chairman of Kashmir Council EU, Ali Raza Syed who traveled from Brussels to Berlin to participate in the event said, “Our objective is to highlight issue of Kashmir and get support in favor of oppressed people of Indian held Kashmir. We shall continue to raise issue of human rights of Kashmiris through new ways and methods.” KASHMIR VOICE
Kashmir Truck in Barlin

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