UN Urged To Take Stand on Right To Self-Determination

Geneva, September 17 (Kashmir Voice): Palestinian and Kashmiri human rights defenders came together to urge the United Nations to take a stand on the right to self-determination.
According to media sources, Palestinian activist Rania Madi during a seminar in Geneva informed the Kashmiri representatives on the occasion that the Palestine issue was similar to the Kashmir issue.” They both shared the stage at UN building in Geneva in a panel discussion on the right to self-determination. Alfred de Zayas, a UN expert, joined the seminar and urged Kashmiri and Palestinian activists to persist in their demands saying, “The world will have to listen to them one day.” Altaf Wani, who is leading a Kashmir delegation to the 36th session of UN Human Rights Council, welcomed the message of the UN expert, and urged rights activists from Palestine and Kashmir to keep the pressure on world powers and international opinion. Hassan Banna and Professor Shagufta Ashraf, members of Kashmiri delegation highlighted the situation in Jammu and Kashmir from their perspectives. KASHMIR VOICE

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