Jammu Civil Society Groups for Speedy Justice to Kathua Girl

Jammu, April 30 (Kashmir Voice): In occupied Kashmir, various civil society groups, journalists and social activities called for speedy and fair trial in a fast-track court to the Kathua rape and murder victim.
According to media sources, the groups and prominent leaders and activists in a seminar in Jammu demanded the establishment of fast track courts in every district and constituting of a high level commission to probe all the rapes and rape-cum murder cases under the monitoring of Supreme Court and High Courts. They appealed people of all walks of life to campaign for the justice of rape and murder of innocent child and fight for other rape and murder victims. The seminar was titled ”Justice for 8-year-old innocent female child of Rasana village and crime against women” at the TRC Conference Hall, Jammu. The prominent personalities from all walks of life and the people of all the communities expressed their collective condemnation, resentment, deep outrage, their firm solidarity with victims and to raise their united voice against barbarous and heinous crime of Rasana and crimes against women. All the speakers were on the same page that Kashmir is a very sensitive, politically disturbed and by nature multi-ethnic pluralistic area but the communal forces with their ill-designs are trying to polarize and communalize the social atmosphere arisen out of tragic incidence of Rasaana rape and murder of the minor girl. The speakers demanded that to root out and fundamentally eliminate the crimes against women we should bring social change in the brutal, criminal, barbarous and discriminatory male dominant mind set and to build an effective rational social system which address the root cause of rape, murder and crimes against women along with a powerful fast track legal-cum enforcement mechanism as a strong deterrent. KASHMIR VOICE
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