Policy of Hate Lands BJP in Troubled Waters in IOK BJP is Anti-Dalit and Anti-Muslim; Says Party MLA

Jammu, May 02 (Kashmir Voice): In occupied Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir chapter of Bharatiya Janata Party is facing trouble soon after reshuffle in the PDP-BJP puppet administration.
According to media sources, Dina Nath Bhagat, a Dalit BJP member of the so-called Kashmir Assembly, has called the party anti-Muslim, anti-Dalit and against all other minorities. “First, BJP robbed the Dalit, Shudra, Aadivasi communities of their promotional benefits and now it didn’t give representation to our (Dalit) community,” Bhagat who is from Chenani-Ghordi constituency in Udhampur district said. He blamed BJP local president, Sat Sharma and general secretary, Ashok Koul for ignoring the Dalit, Aadivasi and Muslim candidates. “Sat Sharma and Ashok Koul don’t want the members representing the weaker sections of the society be ministers. What was the need for a person (Sat Sharma) to be a minister who was holding the chair of party president?” Bhagat questioned. In the recent cabinet reshuffle, the BJP included six new faces into the council of ministers, three of cabinet rank and three junior ministers. Bhagat said the party completely ignored some districts including Udhampur. “This reshuffle made it clear that BJP doesn’t want to give representation to Dalits, Gujjars and Muslims (from Jammu),” he added. KASHMIR VOICE

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