Modi’s Muscular Policy on Kashmir Brainless: Sinha

New Delhi, May 24 (Kashmir Voice): Former Bharatiya Janata Party leader, Yashwant Sinha has said that a muscular policy of Narendra Modi government on Kashmir “is a brainless one as muscles do not have brain”.
According to media sources, speaking at an event in New Delhi Yashwant Sinha said Pakistan has to be brought in to resolve the Kashmir issue. Referring to the recent propaganda unleashed by the Indian media, Sinha said, “Indian media says Pakistani Rangers are pleading for mercy now. And the next day the Rangers start bombarding and shelling and all. And so much damage had been done …. What is this ‘moonhtod Jawab’ (befitting reply)? And with all due respect, a muscular policy is bound to be a brainless policy because muscles don’t have brain.” KASHMIR VOICE
yashwant sinha

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