India Denounced for Continuing with Illegal Occupation over IIOJK

India Denounced for Continuing with Illegal Occupation over IIOJK
Srinagar, October 27 (Kashmir Voice): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference and other Hurriyat leaders and organizations continued to denounce India for landing its troops and illegally occupying Jammu and Kashmir on this day in 1947.
According to media sources, the APHC spokesman in a statement issued in Srinagar said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir would never surrender their legitimate struggle for freedom. He said October 27 will always remain etched in history as a black day as it marks the arrival of Indian occupational forces in Jammu and Kashmir.
“Soon after getting independence from British colonialism after a long struggle New Delhi herself resorted to same colonialism to enslave people, land and resources of Jammu and Kashmir. In its colonial apatite New Delhi through its huge military might unleashed a reign of unprecedented brutalities and atrocities for the last over seven decades. To sustain its illegitimate and illegal occupation New Delhi has been indulging in worst kind of human rights violations and war crimes in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.
The spokesman said due to rigidity and stubbornness of New Delhi, IIOJK apart from being the highly militarised part of the world has become bone of contention between three nuclear powers and a nuclear flashpoint which is not only a threat to the peace and stability of South Asia but of whole world. He maintained that no amount of Indian atrocities could deter the people of Jammu and Kashmir from pursuing their struggle for right to self-determination.
Tehreek-e-Muzahamat Chairman Bilal Ahmed Siddiqui in a statement issued in Srinagar termed the 27th October 1947 as most unfortunate day of human history. “Since then through its military might, New Delhi has killed and murdered tens of thousands of innocent people, dishonored women and tortured, injured, maimed and disappeared thousands of youth in the occupied territory.” He pledged to honor the unmatched sacrifices of Kashmiri people by continuing the struggle for freedom with full determination and honesty.
The Chairman of Islamic Political Party, Mohammad Yousuf Naqash, said that the Kashmiri people had been rendering unparalleled sacrifices for their freedom from Indian yoke since 1947 and were determined to continue their struggle till settlement of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the people’s aspirations. He said India’s intransigence was the main obstacle to settlement of the lingering Kashmir dispute. Naqash said that the fascist BJP-led Indian government’s unilateral decision to revoke the special status of Kashmir and the subsequent repression and communications blackout was another step in New Delhi’s long history of colonizing Kashmir.
Democratic Political Movement Chairman, Khawaja Firdous said that India was illegally occupying Jammu and Kashmir and the day was not far when the people of the territory would succeed in getting freedom from Indian clutches.
People’s Political Party Chairman, Engineer Hilal Ahmad War, while terming October 27 a darkest day in the history of Jammu and Kashmir said the intervention and military aggression by Indian Army on this day in 1947 was unconstitutional, illegal, unjustified and against the United Nations charter.
Pairwaan-e-Wilayat Chief Maulana Sibat Shabbir Qummi in a statement said that Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir was a blatant violation of human and democratic values. He said that India had martyred more than four lakh people in IIOJK since 1947 and arrested tens of thousands. He thanked the people and Government of Pakistan for extending all-out support to the Kashmiri people.
Hurriyat leader, Firdous Ahmed Shah, in a statement maintained that the strike observed today should serve an eye-opener for New Delhi. He said the people of Kashmir still see India’s presence in Kashmir as contrary to their aspirations and emotions. He said the mighty force can’t suppress the Kashmiris’ struggle to achieve their right to self determination.
Kashmir European Alliance (KEA) in a statement said, India seems not to be interested in a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute, and is poised to raise the geopolitical temperature in South Asia. “Since 5th of August 2019, Indian occupied Kashmir has been turned into an open-air prison, not unlike Gaza, where a crippling communications blockade has made the lives of locals miserable,” it added. The KEA said, the list of atrocities carried out by Indian forces in Kashmir seems to be getting longer, while it appears that New Delhi’s military machine has thrown all ethics to the wind.
The activists of Jammu and Kashmir Students Youth Forum took to streets in Srinagar n Pulwama areas, denouncing the illegal Indian occupation and put out posters and banners calling for the eviction of the Indian occupation forces from the occupied territory. The party leaders while addressing on the occasion called upon the international community and the UN to take strong notice of the Indian military suppression of the people of IIOJK and force India to end its occupation by honouring its commitments of giving the Kashmiris their right to self-determination. KASHMIR VOICE

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