Indian Troops can Kill Anyone for Money: JKPA

Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Association
Jammu, January 12 (Kashmir Voice): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Association (JKPA) has said that Shopian fake encounter has proven how life of a Kashmiri is cheap for Indian occupational troops.
According to Media Sources, in a statement issued in Jammu, JKPA Chairman Aquib Wani said, the chargesheet of police authorities shows that Indian Army officers killed three innocent and unarmed boys for a cash reward of Rs 2 million which is highly shameful, unethical and immoral. “It is incumbent upon world bodies to take it seriously as it poses a great threat to life and security of Kashmiris,” he demanded.
Aquib Wani said that the police charge-sheet had shown that Indian troops could kill anybody labeling him as militant for small money. KASHMIR VOICE

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