IOK Twitter Users’ Accounts, Posts Blocked

Srinagar, September 08 (Kashmir Voice): In occupied Kashmir, India is increasingly clamping down on social media to silence voices of Kashmiri people against brutalities of Indian forces in the territory.
According to media sources, Wasim Khalid, who writes for a Srinagar-based English newspaper, Kashmir Reader, is one of the several Kashmiri Twitter users asked by Twitter to remove posts following a complaint from the Indian government. “At first I thought it was a joke, one of those fake emails you keep getting but then I looked more carefully and it was actually an email from Twitter,” Wasim Khalid said in a media interview. “It is an attempt at intimidating those who post the truth that will never be shown by Indian media. It is meant to close this little window of social media where Kashmir appeared to the world as it exists on ground. They (Indian authorities) don’t want the world to see how India keeps its hold on Kashmir and that is why they want Kashmiris blocked from social media,” he added.
Twitter has reportedly blocked several Kashmiri accounts and suppressed dozens of tweets.
According to The Indian Express newspaper, the government of India in a letter on August 24 asked Twitter to block 19 accounts, most of them over tweets about Kashmir. It also asked for 95 tweets to be removed.
Wasim Khalid said that on August 31, he received an email from Twitter informing him that Indian government had complained that two of his posts violated Indian law. One post related to an essay recently republished by a Kashmiri news site and the other carried an image of a young boy being used as a human shield by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir. KASHMIR VOICE
Twitter Banned

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