Ex Interlocutor Criticizes India’s Policy on Kashmir, Pakistan

Mumbai, September 12 (Kashmir Voice): Radha Kumar, former Indian interlocutor for occupied Kashmir, has deplored that the suggestions and recommendations put forth by her team were not implemented by the Indian government. According to media sources, in the wake of 2010 mass uprising, New Delhi had in October 2010 appointed Radha Kumar, along with Dilip Padgaonkar and M M Ansari, as interlocutors for the occupied territory. Speaking at a seminar in Mumbai on “Foreign Policy Challenges” for India, Radha criticized the BJP government for badly handling its policy on Pakistan and Kashmir. “It is a challenge before our foreign policy. The way we are handling Jammu and Kashmir issue, we are allowing more hostile elements in Pakistan. “There is a flip-flop in our government’s behaviour and it is creating an image of inconsistency,” she said. To a question by former Rajya Sabha member, Bhalchandra Mungekar about India under the current dispensation “leaning more towards Israel than towards Palestine”, Kumar said, “We are getting deeply communal. I cannot go on talking about it, but this is the fact that we are becoming deeply communal.” KASHMIR VOICE
Radha Kumar at conference 2

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