Modi only Concerned about his ‘Artificial Image’: Congress

New Delhi, October 13 (Kashmir Voice): The Indian National Congress has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being more concerned about the “artificial image” he has created about himself than the geographical integrity of India’s borders.
According to media sources, Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, also took a swipe at the Indian prime minister asking why he does not show ‘red eyes’ to China.
“‘Mr 56 inch’, why don’t you show ‘red eyes’,” he asked in a tweet in Hindi, tagging a news report that China was not ready to step back at the borders after the 13th round of commander-level talks.
Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said at a press conference that a country like India had a weak prime minister who was not ready to even name China. “Here is the prime minister in India who is more worried about an artificial image which he has created about himself and is much more worried about it than the geographical integrity of the borders of India,” he told reporters in New Delhi. KASHMIR VOICE

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