Administratively Indian occupied Kashmir has been divided into three divisions, namely, the Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Laddakh. The majority population of Indian occupied Kashmir constitutes of Muslims. 67% of the state population practices Islam, whereas 97% population of the Kashmir Valley consists of followers of Islam. In addition to that, the followers of other faiths are Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs. The breakdown in population percentage divided on the lines of religious affinities is as under:-
• In the Kashmir Valley, the Muslim population stands highest with the percentage of Muslim population at 97%. The Hindus constitute 1.84% followed by 0.88% Sikhs and 0.11% Buddhists.
• In Jammu region, the Hindus are 65.23% of the total population followed by 30% of Muslims, 3% and 0.51% of Buddhists.
• In Laddakh region, the percentage of Muslim population is 47% followed by 45% of Buddhists and 6% of Hindus. The region does not have any Sikh inhabitants.
• The total percentage of Muslim population in occupied Kashmir stands at 67%, that of Hindus 29%, with 2% Sikhs and 1.3% of other communities including Sikhs.