Indian troops Martyr 20 Kashmiris in November

Srinagar, December 01 (Kashmir Voice): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Indian troops in their unabated acts of state terrorism martyred 20 Kashmiris during the last month of November.
According to the data issued by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, today, of those killed eight were martyred in fake encounters and in custody.
During the month, 18 people were injured due to use of brute force, firing and teargas shells by Indian police and paramilitary personnel on peaceful demonstrators and mourners in the occupied territory while 66 civilians, mostly youth, activists and students were arrested. Several of them were booked under black law Public Safety Act and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act in 209 cordon and search operations in the territory. These killings rendered 3 woman widowed and 6 children orphaned and a house was damaged by Indian troops during the period. KASHMIR VOICE

India’s Minorities Commission sees Rise in Complaints from Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsis

New Delhi, December 01 (Kashmir Voice): The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) in India has received more complaints from the Sikh, Buddhist and Parsi communities in the first eight months of the current fiscal year (2021-22) than in the entire previous fiscal year, data submitted in the Indian Parliament shows.
According to media sources, additionally, the data also shows that after showing a decreasing trend over the previous two financial years (2019-20 and 2020-21), the number of complaints received by the NCM this year (2021-22) may well show an increase.
The data provided by the Ministry of Minority Affairs in the Rajya Sabha said, in response to a question by BJP MP Rakesh Sinha, shows that among the communities, the maximum number of complaints have been made by Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsis over the first eight months of this fiscal year. While the number of complaints from Sikhs stands at 115 (from 99 last year), those from Buddhists have touched 35 (as against 28) and of Parsis has reached five (from two last year).
In the case of Muslims, the number of complaints has reached 864 as against 1,103 over the whole of last year. Likewise in the case of Christians, the figure stands at 88 in the first eight months of this year as compared to 103 over the whole of last year.
Likewise, the data provided as part of the reply by minorities affairs minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, the total number of complaints had been showing a declining trend over the previous two financial years. From 1,871 complaints in 2018-19, the number dropped to 1,670 in 2019-20 and then further to 1,463 in 2020-21. But in less than eight months of the current fiscal (until November 22, 2021), the data reveals that the number of complaints received by the commission has already reached 1,234. At the current rate (with over four months remaining for the end of this fiscal), the numbers may exceed the 1,463 complaints received last year.
In his question, Sinha had asked for the number of complaints that the NCM received in 2018-2019, 2019- 2020 and in 2021; the classification of complaints received; and the nature of complaints.
In response to the query on the nature of complaints, the data provided by the minister revealed that in 2020-21 as many as five complaints on communal violence were received as against none under the category over the previous two years. Similarly, in the last fiscal, 119 complaints of land disputes were received as against zero in the previous two years. As per this data, no complaints of hate crime were received over the three years. The maximum number of complaints fell into the category of “law and order matter” and “other routine complaints” over all three years. The data for the current fiscal in the matter of ‘nature of complaints’ has not been provided by the ministry.
In his written answer, Naqvi also said that as per its rules, regulations and procedures, when the NCM receives a complaint, it “either calls for a report from the concerned authority and summons them, if necessary, and thereafter makes suitable recommendations or forward the complaints to the appropriate authority(s) for taking necessary action”. He added that “the complaints concluded as propaganda, false, frivolous, and anonymous are closed with the approval of the competent authority”. The minister also revealed that the NCM has conducted 115 hearings over the past three years to “enquire whether the complaints were genuine or false”.

Sharjeel did not give call for Violence or Arms, says Allahabad HC

New Delhi, December 01 (Kashmir Voice): Activist and student leader Sharjeel Imam who was granted bail in the sedition case on November 27 did not incite violence or give call to pick up arms in his speech that he delivered during protests against Citizenship Amendment Act at Aligarh Muslim University Campus in December 2019, the Allahabad High Court has said in its bail order made available online.
According to media sources, Justice Saumitra Dayal Singh in the bail order said,  “…Without referring to the exact allegation made against the applicant [Imam], it may be noted that on an undisputed basis neither the applicant called any one to bear arms nor any violence was incited as a result of the speech delivered by the applicant.”.
The order, however, clarified that Imam’s exact statements and their effect can be examined at the time of trial which is yet to begin. The bail was granted on the grounds that since the applicant has been in jail for more than a year in a sedition case for which he may have to spend a maximum of three year in prison in case he is convicted.
“For that reason alone, the applicant has become entitled to bail, at this stage, in the undisputed facts of the case,” the court said. The order directs the applicant to file a personal bond of Rs 50,000 along with two sureties of the same amount, cooperate with trial and refrain from putting pressure on witnesses.
Imam will, however, remain behind bars as he is currently lodged in Tihar Jail in New Delhi in connection with Delhi riots conspiracy case, along with a number of activists, on terror charges under the controversial Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.
In his speech, the JNU scholar who is seen as the architect of iconic Shaheen Bagh protest sit-in, had called for blocking “Muslim-dominated Chicken’s Neck” in Assam to cut off the North East from rest of India. It was seen as a call for secession, making police in several states file cases of sedition against Imam. He, however, later clarified that he made a call for chakka Jam, blocking roads, as a protest. Even as he was in jail at the time of anti-Muslim riots in Delhi, the police named him in the case alleging that he conspired with other activists to provoke protesters to violence in order to defame government of India and build pressure for rollback of the controversial law. KASHMIR VOICE

In Haryana, Hindutva Activists Raze Muslim Shrine to Ground

New Delhi, December 01 (Kashmir Voice): A Muslim shrine, located at Panchayat Bhawan in Haryana’s Ballabgarh, was razed to the ground by a mob of Hindutva activists, claiming that conversion and illegal activities were being carried out there.
According to media sources, after the incident, the SHO of City Police Station Satish Kumar was also transferred, says the report.
The night before the demolition, as per media reports, , some Hindutva activists held a protest at the office of SDM demanding the removal of the mazar and arrest of its caretaker. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ballabgarh, Jaibir Singh, assured them of action against the caretaker after investigation.
He also assured them of checking the land records of the Haryana government for the genuineness of the shrine. The DCP said that if the land records do not show the existence of the shrine, it would be demolished.
“Activists associated with Hindutva organizations did not trust the assurance given by the police and demolished the shrine later that night. The city was tense after the demolition,” said a report published by a Hindi newspaper, Dainik Jagran.
Jeet Vashisth, a Bajrang Dal leader, live streamed the incident when he along with his men was searching the shrine. In the video, he showed a religious book “Panj Surah” (Collection of five Quranic verses) calling it “Pakistani book”.
He showed a book on Nizamuddin Auliya calling it “book in the name of Pakistan”. Amid the chant of Jai Shri Ram raised by the mob, he also claimed that there were books on the conversion and the tips for how to keep 10 wives. “They are hatching a conspiracy against Hindus,” shouted Vashisht. KASHMIR VOICE

Indian troops Martyr two Youth in Pulwama

Srinagar, December 01 (Kashmir Voice): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Indian troops in their fresh act of state terrorism martyred two youth in Puwlama district.
According to media sources, the youth were martyred by Indian troops along with paramilitary forces and police personnel during a cordon and search operation at Qasbayar area of the district. A senior police officer also confirmed the killing of two youth in the area. The operation was going on till last reports came in. KASHMIR VOICE